I love the Carrie Diaries!

Not only is the Carrie Diaries a show that I can most relate to because it’s about an aspring fashion writer like myself  but I absolutely adore the fashion in  this show. I’m already an 80s fashion fan but the outfits in the show are actual outfits that I would wear in real life. They’re chic, sophisticated and playful and who doesn’t like pastel and neon colours? I love the jean jackets, tutu-like dresses, peplums, crop tops, animal prints and the fun accessories.cd5cd4

One thing that I learned from this show about fashion is not to shy away from wearing mismatched outfits if I can even call it that. I mean outfits that don’t necessarily match in terms of being the same print or colour. I tend to have a habit of being too matchy. Sometimes wearing contrasting colours or prints just work and Carrie Diaries is prime example of this. You’re accessories don’t necessarily haveto match the outfit you’re

wearing as well. AnnaSophia Robb on the set of 'The Carrie Diaries'cd7cd9cd6

I already can’t wait for the next episode to see some new outfits to swoon over! I’m sure you’ll see me wearing some Carrie Diaries inspired outfits in upcoming posts, stay tuned!