Androgyny in Fashion

I was meaning to write about this earlier but can you believe the February cover of Fashion Magazine? The model on this cover is actually a male. Bosnian model  Andrej Pejic is actually a male that models as a female. Check out the cover here:

The interview and behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoot is here:

Every major fashion designer has used him in their runway shows and he is gracing the pages of every major fashion magazine. I think hes redefining gender in fashion as he doesn’t believe in labels, transgendered, a crossdresser etc. He just enjoys dressing like a female but doesn’t necessarily want to be one. So I’m sure this cover created some controversy having a male pose on the cover of a female fashion magazine but why not? I personally like his work and think he’s a great model.

I’m going to write a more in-depth article on androgyny in fashion and the history behind it and why it’s a trend today, androgynous fashion was displayed in many fashion weeks the most recent being London. I just find this topic interesting. So look out for my article.