So I’ve been a little busy…

I really need to blog more but my schedule has just been so hectic. Thank god for Family Day, finally have a day to rest.

This weekend I’ve been busy choreographing and preparing for my students’ final fashion show. For those of you who don’t know, I’m an instructor part-time at a modeling & acting academy and what my students look forward to the most is the final fashion show/graduation, an opportunity for them to show off their runway skills following the completion of their classes in front of family, friends and students from other classes.

They had to choose a theme for the fashion show and they chose Fashion through the Decades, focusing on 70s and 80s fashion (I swear I didn’t influence them in any way despite my obsession with the 80s lol). I’m surprised how much these preteens know about 70s/80s fashion. They were so excited about it, they asked me if it was okay if they wore their 80s outfits throughout class lol, I didn’t see why not. It was hilarious seeing them in leopard-print body suits, leg warmers, lace gloves and neon-coloured heels. It reminded me of the outfits that Madonna wore in her video Lucky Star.


And ofcourse picking a song was the next step, a song they can walk down the runway with. So I suggested the classic song that they play as the theme song on Fashion Television, Obsession by Animotion. I thought it was fitting considering it seems like the perfect runway song and it’s from the 80s. When I played it they loved it, again I didn’t influence them in any way, it was just a suggestion lol. Here’s the video:

Oh the nostalgia of the 80s. I may only be born in it, but I know 80s fashion and music, I grew up with it. I have videos of me as a baby dancing to 80s songs. Both the 70s and 80s seemed like a fun time for fashion and today’s generation definately appreciates it.

That’s it for now. I will give you an update from my next class when we are finalizing outfits for the fashion show.