Love Cute Dresses and Skirts!

I realized going through my closet that I Find yours at Romwe.comreally need to update my wardrobe with essential pieces like cocktail dresses and skirts. So I came across some killer finds today on the Romwe website and I just had to get them. A good thing about these pieces is that you can easily go from day to night. Wear them in the office during the day and dress up the outfit with accessories for a night out. Here they are:

The ROMWE Mesh Peak Collar Little Black Skater Dress is below.This is a staple piece and every girl needs a little black dress. Wear them casually with flats or dress them up with booties or pumps, you can even wear them with leggings or knee-highs.ROMWE Mesh Peak Collar Little Black Skater Dress

The ROMWE Heart-Shaped Cutout Sleeveless Rose Dress below is very cute and is the perfect Valentine’s day outfit with the cutout heart in the back but I would actually wear it any day. Pink is my favourite colour after all. I would even throw a black blazer or cardigan on top to wear it in the office.

ROMWE Heart-shaped Cutout Sleeveless Rose DressROMWE Heart-shaped Cutout Sleeveless Rose Dress

The ROMWE Retro Ruffle Black Skirt below is one of my favourite trends and definitely is going to big for Spring. I liked it so much I had to get the red one too. Wear this with a collared shirt with matching heels. Even pair it with leggings or knee-high socks.

Retro Ruffle Black SkirtRetro Ruffle Red Skirt

Want to buy any of these pieces? Just click on the ROMWE Valentine’s Collection banner right beside this post. Really affordable prices and also free shipping!

Check out how I style these outfits in an upcoming post.


I love the Carrie Diaries!

Not only is the Carrie Diaries a show that I can most relate to because it’s about an aspring fashion writer like myself  but I absolutely adore the fashion in  this show. I’m already an 80s fashion fan but the outfits in the show are actual outfits that I would wear in real life. They’re chic, sophisticated and playful and who doesn’t like pastel and neon colours? I love the jean jackets, tutu-like dresses, peplums, crop tops, animal prints and the fun accessories.cd5cd4

One thing that I learned from this show about fashion is not to shy away from wearing mismatched outfits if I can even call it that. I mean outfits that don’t necessarily match in terms of being the same print or colour. I tend to have a habit of being too matchy. Sometimes wearing contrasting colours or prints just work and Carrie Diaries is prime example of this. You’re accessories don’t necessarily haveto match the outfit you’re

wearing as well. AnnaSophia Robb on the set of 'The Carrie Diaries'cd7cd9cd6

I already can’t wait for the next episode to see some new outfits to swoon over! I’m sure you’ll see me wearing some Carrie Diaries inspired outfits in upcoming posts, stay tuned!



Guess who’s back????


Guess who's back????

Okay so I’ve been gone for a little while… okay fine a long time. It’s been a year since my last blog post and I apologize but this gal has been a busy bee, not my fault. But since all of you have missed me so much I’ve decided to come back- and for good! You should expect to see ofcourse my favourite fashion trends, fashion news, event coverage and behind-the-scenes of some photoshoots I model for.

So down to business… Spring fashion!!! It is Spring yet? It sure felt like it when I went on a mini shopping spree at the mall this past weekend. I love all the pastel colours, it makes me so happy to think that warm weather is not too far away. Although with this crazy cold weather you wouldn’t think Spring is even  around the corner but it’s something to look forward to.

So what is my favourite Spring 2013 fashion trend? Pastel blazers with pastel short-shorts. Try pairing them together in the same colour or with different pastel colours. You can wear heels or flats. Maybe I can wear this trend in the office? I think this look is very chic and elegant.

So hurry up Winter and be gone so I can finally let those leggings go and replace them with some cute shorts!



Androgyny in Fashion

I was meaning to write about this earlier but can you believe the February cover of Fashion Magazine? The model on this cover is actually a male. Bosnian model  Andrej Pejic is actually a male that models as a female. Check out the cover here:

The interview and behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoot is here:

Every major fashion designer has used him in their runway shows and he is gracing the pages of every major fashion magazine. I think hes redefining gender in fashion as he doesn’t believe in labels, transgendered, a crossdresser etc. He just enjoys dressing like a female but doesn’t necessarily want to be one. So I’m sure this cover created some controversy having a male pose on the cover of a female fashion magazine but why not? I personally like his work and think he’s a great model.

I’m going to write a more in-depth article on androgyny in fashion and the history behind it and why it’s a trend today, androgynous fashion was displayed in many fashion weeks the most recent being London. I just find this topic interesting. So look out for my article.


So I’ve been a little busy…

I really need to blog more but my schedule has just been so hectic. Thank god for Family Day, finally have a day to rest.

This weekend I’ve been busy choreographing and preparing for my students’ final fashion show. For those of you who don’t know, I’m an instructor part-time at a modeling & acting academy and what my students look forward to the most is the final fashion show/graduation, an opportunity for them to show off their runway skills following the completion of their classes in front of family, friends and students from other classes.

They had to choose a theme for the fashion show and they chose Fashion through the Decades, focusing on 70s and 80s fashion (I swear I didn’t influence them in any way despite my obsession with the 80s lol). I’m surprised how much these preteens know about 70s/80s fashion. They were so excited about it, they asked me if it was okay if they wore their 80s outfits throughout class lol, I didn’t see why not. It was hilarious seeing them in leopard-print body suits, leg warmers, lace gloves and neon-coloured heels. It reminded me of the outfits that Madonna wore in her video Lucky Star.


And ofcourse picking a song was the next step, a song they can walk down the runway with. So I suggested the classic song that they play as the theme song on Fashion Television, Obsession by Animotion. I thought it was fitting considering it seems like the perfect runway song and it’s from the 80s. When I played it they loved it, again I didn’t influence them in any way, it was just a suggestion lol. Here’s the video:

Oh the nostalgia of the 80s. I may only be born in it, but I know 80s fashion and music, I grew up with it. I have videos of me as a baby dancing to 80s songs. Both the 70s and 80s seemed like a fun time for fashion and today’s generation definately appreciates it.

That’s it for now. I will give you an update from my next class when we are finalizing outfits for the fashion show.

Some News…

I’m now going to be a writer for Fashion Weekly Magazine! Check them out here: They cover everything from fashion, beauty, home and alot more. And guess what? They publish weekly if you haven’t figured that out already.

I’m going to be involved in all aspects of this online magazine from editorial, PR, marketing, event management and design so I’m excited!

Don’t be afraid of some colour

I think I have been wearing all black for way too long so I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that bright colours are in for spring. I was walking through the mall the other day and in pretty much every store, I saw everything from tops and jeans in both bright colours and pastels- it’s all about colour-blocking. Just take a look at these jeans by David Kahn, I love them:

So have fun with this trend, there really are no limits but then again you don’t want to look like a walking rainbow so wear the most three colours at a time.

Yay my first post!

Hello world and fellow fashionistas!

I’m so excited to be writing my first post on my first official fashion blog, “Sheena’s Fashion Fix.” That’s right, I’m getting my blog on. So why did I start this fashion blog? Well first off I love to write so it is an outlet for me to express myself and be creative, I want to share my passion for fashion (As cliched as it may sound) and well I’ve decided to pursue my career in fashion journalism. I have already met with major fashion editors so big things coming. Here you will find what I think is hot in the fashion industry, the latest fashion trends, fashion news, coverage of shows/events, interviews… I can go on and on but this is your one stop place to get your fashion fix so enjoy!